Ay-una Aozora

Tallish, 5'9", and slender; skin is silvery with light blue lines of energy, eyes are teal and hair is long-floaty grey-white with blue streaks


Sorceress following the path Dragon Magic Carries a staff that she uses in her spell weaving


Description and Family Ties

Ay-una Aozora, Sorceress [Dragon Magic] (Windsoul); Born: Airspur, Akanul 5’10” 130# 18yo; silvery skin w/blue energy lines, teal-colored eyes, grey-white floaty-wavy hair (waist length)

Father: Ki-amar, Emissary (Firesoul) (Airspur, Akanul -> Waterdeep, Sword Coast)

Mother: Jen-sal, Sorceress [Wild Magic] (Windsoul) (Airspur, Akanul -> Waterdeep, Sword Coast)

Brother: Sha-kai, Gem Merchant (Firesoul/Earthsoul) (Airspur, Akanul -> Waterdeep, Sword Coast)

Brother: Jett, Freight Hauler (Windsoul/Watersoul) (Airspur, Akanul) Sister-in-law: Vash-ti, Child Care (Stormsoul) (Airspur, Akanul)

Aunt (Fraternal): Mai-jes, Wizard [Control] (Firesoul) (Airspur, Akanul -> Returned Abier)

Uncle (Maternal): Kad-kyri, Warlock [War] (Stormsoul) (Airspur, Akanul -> Teziir, Dragon Coast – near The Dry Dragonmere)

Travel Journal

2 July Father has received his own diplomatic post! After serving for as aide to the Fire Steward for so many years… the Queen has decided to send him west to the Sword Coast city of Waterdeep. From what Father says, the Queen has received requests for representatives from several places and has chosen emissaries with the help of the Stewards. He says that we leave within the week, that Jett and Vash-ti will be moving into our home and make it theirs. Although it will be quite the adventure to travel so far, I am torn about having to make Waterdeep my new home. Airspur is so beautiful, and living in a coastal city with no Earthmotes will be a huge change. Ah well, Mother challenged me to fit all that I want to keep into 2 crates and three portmanteaus, so I had better start!

4 July Mother just told me that we will be visiting her brother, Uncle Kad, on our way to Waterdeep! We are to take one of Jett’s freighters from Airspur to Westgate on the Dragon Coast, and hire a coach and wagon to take us to Teziir and Uncle’s house. It will be a short visit, but it will be nice to have a couple days of no travel to relax. I bet Uncle Kad will have lots for us to see and many tales to tell, I love his stories!

6 July Yesterday Jett put us on his fastest freighter, which has a family-type stateroom. He and Vash-ti get to travel together sometimes when he needs to make contacts in new lands, according to Father. It is a little cramped for the four of us as Sha-kai decided to join us in the move to Waterdeep. He has a partner in his Gemland and says that setting up a second business in another city will more than double their profits. I cannot blame him, it is a good opportunity for him to start anew after the break with Son-liin (that hussy!) and find someone better. I wonder if there are many Genasi in Waterdeep…

8 July Sha says that we made excellent time getting to Westgate! Teasing Mother and me for the favorable winds on the Sea of Fallen Stars! Westgate is a very exciting city. We saw two brawls and a big sword fight on our carriage ride from the docks to the Inn. Sha says he heard that it is pretty normal to see just about anything on the streets here. Luckily, Father found a couple of other travelers heading toward Teziir, so we can form a small caravan. One of the others is a merchant with a big, strong assistant (I think Sha said it was a Goliath!), so we should be safe on the roads. He says that we won’t get too close to The Dry Dragonmere, which relieved Mother to no end.

12 July Teziir is amazing! So many stores! Mother says we can do a little shopping tomorrow, so I made sure to ask Uncle which ones had the best prices. I really need some riding boots for the long trip to Waterdeep. Father has found a good-sized caravan going there, with several merchants that have hired guards to protect their goods. He is buying us horses to ride (they are not as comfortable as Gryphons, but much easier to control) and Uncle found a good wagon for our possessions and for cover at night. I will find good saddlebags, as well as boots and a good cloak for the trip.

14 July Our caravan leaves tomorrow for Waterdeep. Although I am excited for the journey, it is sad to leave Uncle after so short a visit. His stories have been delightful and rather informative, actually. He has traveled so much and met so many different people from all walks of life. He uses voices for each and weaves such excitement into the tales, ah well. I have packed my spell books into one of the saddlebags, as one is still quite new and I need to commit the spells to memory. Mother may weave slightly different spells, but she has been good at teaching me basic disciplines. I have notes to go over from my mentor Len-Sal that will help me with my meditations on the Dragon Magic path. Time for our last dinner with Uncle, maybe he has a tale that contains meeting a dragon!

20 July Camped for the night just outside of Berdusk, a village just east of the Reaching Woods according to the rough map one of the merchants’ apprentices showed me. Mother got some fresh fruit and vegetables for our meal from the town, what a treat! The trek has been pretty boring for the most part so far. Sha and I sometimes ride out with one of the guards to scout the area for game or other travelers. He told us that some don’t travel on the roads. I wondered about that until we came across some tracks and the guard had us wait a bit. Soon, an elf came forward and greeted us. He was dressed in leathers the color of the surrounding brush, so he had been nigh unto invisible to us. He said he was a ranger making his way to Waterdeep and was shadowing our caravan. According to the guard, there was some agreement with the organizers our group to protect the elf in return for some scouting information and occasional game. He gave us a brace of grouse and said there were tracks to the north that looked like a group of Orcs! But he also didn’t seem worried, as the tracks were two days old and heading in a more northerly direction than our road.

26 July Waiting to cross the Boareskyr Bridge. It isn’t very wide and there is a caravan going east that got to it before us, so we are lined up on the south side of the road till they pass. Oh! Last night I got to help Mother frighten off a Fey Panther (that is what the ranger later told me it was) that was chasing our Elf friend from the Forest of Wyrms! While Mother chanted for Thunder Summons, I swung my staff forward and struck the panther with my Dragonfrost and knocked it down. Mother completed her spell injuring the creature and confusing it; causing it to run back into the forest at top speed. The ranger, Mother and I retired to the wagon for several hours to recover (the ranger took a nasty slash to his leg which we bandaged up with an herb salve to help it heal faster.) Hadn’t whipped out a spell that quick in at least a year. That was when Sha and I had traveled to the areas around Deepspur so he could manage some issues with shipments coming from the opal mine. We encountered some rats that needed Tempest and Lightning breath to disperse. I love weaving magic!

2 August The caravan is camped just outside the Northgate of Waterdeep. Apparently, the gates are closed at dusk and we arrived here shortly after sundown. There is another caravan here, one that traveled from Calimshan in the south. Many Genasi with this group and several are wild looking. Father says his grandfather came from the Calim Desert there and used to tell some frightening tales of the creatures and peoples there. I kind of find one of them rather handsome. We will be in the city and looking for a house tomorrow. Sha had some contacts that he communicated with before leaving home… um, Airspur I mean… and they have rooms waiting for us in a good inn. Both Father and Sha are certain we will have no problem finding a new home here. We will be looking in the area of Mountainside, as Mother and I miss our air-dwelling Earthmote so, and it is close to the Castle Ward, where Father will have his offices as Ambassador. Sha will also be seeking out space to set up business in the northwest part of the Trades Ward. I can hear the city from here; music, voices and the town crier just announced two hours to midnight. Probably, I should be sleeping. The thoughts keep running around and around in my head though and causing me to toss and turn in my bedroll. I gave it up a little while ago and will go seek the ranger near the edge of our camp to hear what he thinks of the city.

4 August Our new home is lovely. Recently built by dwarves for a magistrate that managed to become in disfavor with the Archmage of Blackstaff Tower and disappeared. One hopes he is just surprised at finding himself in Returned Abier or something and not in suddenly craving flies and lilipads. So, it is very new and built to Human-size for said magistrate. It is big enough for me to have my own suite upstairs in a sort of small tower and Mother has a solar that can be opened to the winds near the opposite wing of the house. There is even a large courtyard on one side where Father is going to have a fire pit installed. It is so large, in fact, that there is room under Mother’s solar for Sha to have his own suite, practically separate from the main part of the house. I think I will like it here. Tomorrow I go to the Trades Ward to help Sha organize his new offices and interview employees. I will help with the admin employees, while he finds suitable salesmen, supervisors and show-floor manager. He is very excited and it sounds like he found a good site.

Ay-una Aozora

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