Sabine Hun'andar

Emo Drow Cleric


STR 16 CON 12 DEX 13
INT 8 WIS 16 CHA 13

HPS 24

AC 17 FORT 10 REF 11 WILL 12

Speed 6 (-1) INIT +1

Acrobatics (-1) Arcana 5 Athletics (-1) Diplomacy 2 Endurance (-1) Heal 5 Insight 5 Intimidate 2 Religion 5 Stealth 2 (-1) Streetwise (-1) Thievery (-1)

Special Senses: Night Vision

Languages: Common, Elven, Abyssal

Chain Mail

Morning Star Atk Bonus: 5 Ability: 3 Prof: 2 Damage Bonus: 1d10

Feather of the Raven Queen Implement, Holy Symbol, +1 to attack & damage, add 1d6 damage. Daily Power ~ Free Action: Use when you hit with an attack delivered by this symbol. You or an ally within 10 squares can roll a saving throw against one effect that a save can end; add the symbol’s enhancement bonus as a power bonus to that saving throw.

Feats & Special Features

Cloud of Darkness -8
Dark Fire FRPG 8
Ritual Casting FRPG 8
Raven Queen’s Blessing

Channel Divinity
Healer’s Lore


Healing Word
Channel Divinity: Divine Fortune
Channel Divinity: Turn Undead
Channel Divinity: Healing Word
Lance of Faith
Righteous Brand
Divine Glow
Beacon of Hope
Channel Divinity: The Raven Queen’s Gift (Sheela Peryroyl’s Gift FRPG 136)


Sabine is a 52 year old Drow female. Until recently she still lived at home and was pretty much treated as a teenager or twenty-something. She is a battle cleric who serves the Raven Queen. Only recently has she left Neverwinter and started adventuring and learning how to use her skills and spells.

Sabine was a disappointment to both Mother and Father, because she showed no inclination to learn magic and was not suited for a rogue/fighter career. She’s really not the brightest of Drow. Once she decided to follow the Raven Queen, that became another point of contention.

Contrary to how she might come across in her journal, Sabine is usually very quiet, shy, and polite if aloof. In her spare time she likes to draw and paint, and she always has a Chunk tract handy in order to convince people of the merits of worshiping the Raven Queen.

List of potential epiteths for Sabine: Holy Spider Queen, Holy Raven Queen of the Dead, Letherna and Shadowfell, By the Cloak of the Raven Queen, Lolth be damned, Raven Queen Damn you, Like a bat out of the Underdark, Surface Crawler,

Myrbryn Myurden: Sabine’s father is a powerful spellcaster who left the Underdark long ago. He has been opposed to Lolth the Spider Queen for years, and in fact does not worship any gods. He runs a small bookstore in Neverwinter called Drow-sy Tales, and has for over 80 years. He is, in many respects, still a typical dark elf—cold and aloof, intelligent and superior, for all that he considers himself a progressive and open-minded Drow. He is a highly trained magic caster and loves knowledge, loves philosophy and history and loves to debate others. Also has a fondness for chess-like war games.

Teburra Hun’andar: Mother was an assassin hired to kill Father, but instead he nearly killed her. Then they fell in love. Supposedly he said she was too beautiful to kill and nursed her back to health, but she still threatens to kill him on occasion. Mother is still very traditional and while she accepts Father’s outlook on life in practice, she still seems to think that Drow traditions ought to be followed. She still shows respect for Lolth the Spider Queen but does not actually practice the evil she preaches. She’s a follower of Eilistraee, a nice Drow goddess who doesn’t want to slaughter everyone.

Father William Roberhan: A wandering Human Priest of the Raven Queen who first introduced Sabine to the faith, by giving her a “chunk tract” called “This Was Your Death”. The tract tells the story of a person who dies and whose sould is trapped Nerull’s domain for eternity—until the Raven Queen defeats Nerull and frees the dead, allowing them to go on to whatever reward awaits him. This tract made a deep impression on Sabine who was in a dark mood a the time, and as a consequence she began attending services at the local Raven Queen temple.

Chunkum Steelscriber: Rabid Dwarven Priest of the Raven Queen who produces proselytizing tracts (known as “Chunk Tracts”) to try and bring others to worship the Raven Queen. He carves printing plates from stone and steel and mass-produces the tracts himself (they are more like flyers, although some are several pages long). His best known tract is “This Was Your Death” which tells the story of how the Raven Queen defeated the former god of death and set the souls bound there free. Another popular tract, “Underdark Dungeons”, is very anti-Drow. Chunkum has many tracts written to defame other gods and beliefs as well, including tracts spelling out his opposition to trees (“The Dark Woods”) and rangers (“Ranger Danger”).

Sabine once wrote some letters to Chunkem trying to explain that not all Drow are evil. He wrote a single reply stating that she was obviously a force for evil and in thrall to Lolth, and that he would not be fooled by her lies.

Ugthork: A half-orc friend of Sabine’s who runs an animal shelter. They met when Sabine was being harrassed by human thugs and Ugthork intervened. Sabine does not admit that she has feelings for Ugthork, since she is Drow and he is half-orc. She considers him ugly and beneath her in status, but also strong, brave, kind, and gallant in his way. She’s enchanted by his animal shelter, his kindness to animals, and ability to rise above racial limitations and appeal to people of every race or creed. Sabine has used her healing powers to help wounded animals at the clinic, and donates drawings and paintings of kittens and puppies for Ugthork to display or sell.

Vasxena Freund: Sabine’s only female Drow friend, the daughter of the only other Drow family that lived anywhere near her. Vasxena is also Sabine’s most bitter rival.

Angcyrl Freund: Vasxena’s brother. Capricious and cruel and something of a bully. Sabine has never liked him.

Private Journal of Sabine Hun’andar

July 7

Vasxena is a bitch. That is all.

July 9

One night I dreamed I was walking in the snow with the Raven Queen. Many scenes from my life flashed across the sky. In each scene I noticed footprints in the snow. There were two sets of footprints, and then there was one set of footprints.

This bothered me because I noticed that during the difficult end of my life, when I was suffering from anguish, sorrow, old age, I could see only one set of footprints.

So I said to the Raven Queen, “You promised me Queen, that if I followed you, you would walk with me always. But I have noticed that during the hardest part of my life there have only been one set of footprints in the snow. Why, when I needed you most, you were not there for me?”

The Raven Queen replied, “The period where you have seen only one set of footprints in the sand, you were already dead.”

July 10

OMG. Vasxena is such a bitch. She keeps telling people that I’m in love with Ugthork. I mean, realy. He’s a half-orc! All I said was that he had a very muscular chest and was probably very handsome to other half-orcs. I didn’t mean that I found him handsome! As if. That’s like finding your pet tarantula attractive, y’know? I mean I know all those stupid Lolth Priestesses like to go on and on about how beautiful spiders are and all, but give me a break. Like, tarantulas are all hairy and weird and stuff. I like kittens more.

July 13

I made up with Vasxena. Really she’s still a bitch but what am I going to do? I don’t know any other Drow girls that live near me, and anyway pretty much every Drow girl is a bitch, even me sometimes. But it’s not like I have any non-Drow girlfriends to talk to. Anyway she agreed that a Drow could never be in love with a half-orc. As if that wasn’t self-evident.

I’m just impressed by how smart Ugthork is. I mean, for a half-orc. Compared to others of his race he’s like a goddess-damned master of the arcane arts or something. Plus he lets me help out at his clinic even though most people want nothing to do with my kind. That’s cool.

I drew him a picture of a kitten hanging from the end of a rope. I added script that reads: “Hang in there, kitten! Unless it’s your time to go, then just die already.” He put it up on the wall, but for some reason a lot of customers don’t like it.

July 15

Ugthork has been teaching me some fighting moves. I was surprised, but he really knows how to fight. You just don’t think that about someone who hugs puppies all day. Anyway, I’ve decided to become a battle cleric. That should make Mother happy. She gave up long ago on me ever becoming an assassin or even a rogue, but at least I’ll be doing some kind of fighting. I mean, it’s not like you can stab someone through the back or slit their throat with a mace or morning star, but I don’t want to do those things anyway.

Father will be happy too. He’s convinced that spell books and I are a dangerous combination. He says it’s like setting fire to saltpeter. I don’t even know what that means, but I gather it’s not moonlight and moonflowers.

Ashes to ashes, Dust to dust, All souls to the Raven Queen.

July 25

I argued with Mother about religion again. As if we argue about anything else. After what the Spider Bitch Queen of the Demonweb Pit did to our people, I can’t fathom how anyone could still worship her or anyone associated with her. Granted, Mother doesn’t worship Lolth, she worships the Dark Maiden Eilistraee, but I don’t care if she is supposedly a good Drow goddess or if she does dwell in Arvandor instead of the Demonweb Pit. I mean, she’s Lolth’s daughter, for Raven Queen’s sake!

Mother and Father have been out of the Underdark for more years than I can count. Father runs a Lolth-be-damned book shop and claims to worship no god or goddess at all. Even if it includes books on dark and ancient Drow lore, it has many more human, dwarven, and elven books. You can’t convince me that our familiy has been faithful to the Drow pantheon, and yet Mother can’t give them up. “They’re the only goddesses and gods suitable for our people,” she says. As if we have anything to be proud about as a race.

Screw Drow history. That’s what I say. We’ve got a nice legacy of trying to destroy the world, and where did that get us? Civilizations destroyed, half the Drow wiped off the face of the world, our people scattered to the winds. Great job there, Miss Spider Queen Bitch of the Underdark. What’s there to be proud of, racially speaking? Want to explain that one to me, Father? Oh wait, I forgot you’re too busy pushing vapid adventure and romance novels to blindingly stupid humans to remember that your people don’t give a rat’s ass about you and would crush you like an insect if they could.

Come to think of it, that’s how Mother and Father met. Mother was hired to assassinate Father, but he was too good and nearly killed her with a spell. But then, so the story goes, he was so enthralled with here beauty that he nursed her back to health and married her. Why she went along with this, I have no idea. I still think Mother might just up and assassinate Father one of these days.

Anyway, I want to worship a Goddess who stands for something, who actually serves a useful purpose in this world. Is that too much to ask? I realized long ago that the most powerful force in this world isn’t darkness or evil, nor even good or law and order. It’s stupidity. There’s a lot of stupid in this world, and the sooner it’s wiped out the better. That’s my opinion. Well, it’s not even an opinion, really. It’s fact. It’s easy to demonstrate how much stupid there is in the world, if you only look. Look at me. Am I smart? No, by Letherna and Shadowfall! I’m a certified idiot. And yet, I’m still head and shoulders above most of the people I meet. That just tells you how stupid the world is.

I follow the Raven Queen because death is the final option and the end to all things. Everyone comes to her eventually, even the other gods. Even so-called immortals. Those who think they can cheat death are idiots. When everything is said and done, all will bow to the Raven Queen. In the end. That’s what it’s all about.

July 26

Now Mother is calling Ugthork my boyfriend. She forbade me to date him. As if! Letherna and Shadowfell! Lolth damn that Vasxena! Just because most of my race are idiots does not mean I’m ready to shack up with a half-orc! I swear, you’d think I wasn’t 52 years old. They still treat me like I’m 30.

I helped Ugthork at the clinic today. He reall is one of the nicest and friendliest half-orcs I’ve ever met. Name another member of his race who runs a shelter for wayward kittens and puppies? I like to help him because saving a kitten is a lot more productive than brooding in the dark and wishing for the days when the world feared our people and we enslaved by the Spider Queen Bitch of the Underdark. Plus Ugthork likes my humorous kitty and puppy paintings. He puts them up on the wall, and the people that visit his shelter all think they’re funny. Even the stupid people like them. Except I don’t think anyone who rescues a kitten or a puppy deserves to be labelled stupid, so my bad. Rescuing cute animals earns you bonus smart points, no matter how stupid your might otherwise appear to be.

I need to get back to my temple duties. Dusting bookshelves—you’d think I’d never set foot outside my father’s stupid bookshop. When I joined the Priesthood of the Raven Queen, I sort of thought there’d be a lot more blasting undead back into the grave and a bit less brushing dust off of holy relics. Maybe I should move to a bigger city. What’s the good in being a Priestess if the closest you ever get to turning undead dead is frowning at the 250-year-old geezers at Mother’s Drow Historical Preservation Society meetings?

July 27

I spoke to the temple Priest, and he suggested I go to Deepwater. There’s more action there, I guess. So that’s what I’m going to do.

Ugthork was sad that I’m leaving. Sometimes I think I’m the only friend he has. Let’s face it, running an animal shelter is not that macho, and half-orcs are all about being macho. It must make him a social outcast among his people. I think that’s one of the reasons we get along so well. We have a lot in common. My race are also social outcasts to the rest of the world and I feel like an outcast among my own people.

Anyway I don’t care because most of the world is too stupid to pay attention to. What matters is the will of the Raven Queen, and that means laying the smack-down on the undead. Let’s face it, undead are the height of stupidity. I’m not even talking actual intelligence here, because the Raven Queen knows you can cheat a zombie at cards with nothing more than a two-card deck. I just mean that once you’re dead, you should stay dead. No more walking around and ripping up the flesh of the living. What’s with that, anyway? It’s just stupid. Dead is dead, and if I gotta enforce it with a holy symbol to your rotting corpse face then so be it.

I drew a cute picture of a kitten priestess of the Raven Queen turning an undead rat, but I’m not sure Ugthork liked it. I don’t think he really gets the whole Raven Queen thing yet. He’ll come around eventually. Everyone does, one way or another. I left some Chunk tracts at the clinic.

July 29

I helped Ugthork at his clinic for a bit today. I tried to smile and treat people as if they were my equal, even if I know that it’s not so. I’ve watched Father do it for years, and he’s really quite good at it. A lot of his regular customers actually think that he likes them, that he cares about them. That takes a great deal of diplomatic and social skill. But no matter how perfect I look and how much I smile and pretend to be friendly, people can tell how much I secretly loathe them. I mean, I don’t loathe them loathe them. Don’t misunderstand me. I’m not out to kill anyone or ruin anyone’s party. Live and let live. Everyone has a right to their stupid, boring little life. I’m quite progressive for a Drow in that respect. But it’s hard to pretend that the world is not swimming waist-deep in concentrated stupid.

Ugthork doesn’t mind if I call him stupid. I don’t think he’s ever met a human, elf, or dwarf who hasn’t called him the same thing, and I’m a Drow so it naturally follows that I’m superior. But really, there’s stupid and there’s stupid, and Ugthork is the least stupid half-orc I’ve ever met. I mean that. He’s doing a lot more for the world than just about anyone I’ve met.

Anyway, my point is, I try to smile and be friendly, but people are just naturally suspicious of Drow. I can’t blame them. My race tried to enslave or destroy the whole world. You just don’t forget something like that. It was before I was born, but my parents were alive then. A lot of people were. So people are suspicious of my people, and also there’s that superiority complex thing that the older Drow have that I’m glad to say I’ve gotten rid of in myself. I mean, I still know I’m superior to other races, but I don’t flaunt it. I’m not trying to enslave anybody.

Ugthork is not pretty. When they handed out ugly they gave a double portion to the half-orcs, and Ugthork went back for seconds. But when he smiles, with his ugly, broken-tooth grin, people actually respond to him. At least, those that aren’t driven back by the stench of his breath. They can tell how much he cares for animals. I think they assume a half-orc who loves kittens can’t possibly be bad. I guess they’re probably right. If Ugthork saw one of his customers getting beaten up in an alley, he’d probably rescue them. I mean, that’s what he did for me, and I wasn’t even a customer.

July 31

I’m travelling South with an idiot whose name I can’t be bothered to remember. Onaldight or something. He’s a human, which explains his patent stupidity, but he’s also a paladin of the Raven Queen. I guess because of that I was expecting a certain level of intelligence, and by that I mean someone who knows to keep their meaningless thoughts and opinions to themselves, but no, he talks non-stop about everything that enters his tiny brain.

Ugthork was sad to see me go. I can deal with it. I mean, I’m a Drow. I try not to get too emotionally involved. Anyway it’s not like I was in love with him. He’s a half-orc, after all. But it’s been painfully obvious for a while now that he has a crush on me. I feel sorry for him. I mean, I’m a Drow, so it’s hardly his fault. But a half-orc and a Drow? Impossible. He knows that, too. So it’s probably for the best that I leave. I promised him that I’d send more artwork. Actually, I think the artwork will sell better if people don’t know that a Drow painted it, and all the proceeds go to the clinic so it’s all good.

I kissed him goodbye. On the lips. If you can call them that. I mean, it was like kissing a slobbering bulldog, the kind with a mouth twice as big as the rest of its face. Although I suppose no bulldog ever had such powerful arms or such a muscular chest. Anyway. I could tell that he wanted to kiss me, but a respectful half-orc was never going to do that to a Drow, so I did it instead. He’s cute that way, always very respectful around me because of who I am and who he is. He’s going to dream about me tonight. Guaranteed. And I bet he’s not so respectful to me in his dreams.

Ugh, it’s impossible to write in my journal with that Paladin talking at me. I’ll write more later.

Aug 2

If I had a piece of copper for every stupid thing the Paladin has said to me in the last two days… well I could buy a few kingdoms, that much is certain.

Anyway I met some other people, including another Raven Queen Priestess. She’s a halfling, or a gnome, or something I forget. Maybe a dwarf. It’s hard to tell under all that goth makeup, but anyway she’s short. It’s good for me to make new friends among the non-Drow, but I’m not sure I get the goth thing. Isn’t that how all of my ancestors dressed for several thousand millennia?

Well actually, I know for a fact that my grandmother and great grandmother pretty much went about nude. But it was gothic-nude. I really don’t like to think about it.

I think if I really wanted to be rebellious I’d wear bright colors and floral prints, and maybe lots of ruffles and bows like some human girls do. But I’d be too embarrassed to be seen dressed like that. Can you imagine?

Sabine Hun'andar

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