Tears of the Raven Queen

Special: Valdaran the Just

A job is a job.

Special: Valdaran the Just

Arrived in Waterdeep during the festival of Shieldmeet and has taken a room at the Dancing Cyclops. He has spent time finding libraries and searching them for information regarding some artifacts. While visiting one library, a Magistrate arrives and walks directly toward him. He rises and greets the man politely. The Magistrate wants his help. He explains that he hasn’t been in town long and that he came at the invitation of his brother, a previous Magistrate. Not ten days after he arrived, his brother died and left instructions that he should succeed him. The Magistrate has come to discover that his brother was into many things, much of it unsavory. He wants to hire Valdaran to help him get to the bottom of whatever it was his brother was doing. Valdaran respectfully asks this man his name… Magistrate Plodmoor. They agree to meet at the Magistrate’s mansion the following day after the mid-day meal. Valdaran goes in search of someone to get more intel on Plodmoor. As it IS Shieldmeet, he finds another Magistrate and asks her about him. She doesn’t like him; he is more interested in his own comforts than seeing to the city. She goes on to say that if he is anything like the brother he succeeded, he is a very bad man (interested in the “far realm”, into the occult = the darker side – Abyssal matters.) Valdaran asks how they would get rid of a Magistrate if need be and is told there are procedures… if there is proof. He thanks her and she suggests that he would do well to not ask around publicly about the affairs of the Magistrates, that it was good that he found her first, her name is Magistrate Stuna Fletcher. Next, he looked for a poster giving times and places that the Magistrates (and others) were giving speeches. He found where Magistrate Fletcher would be speaking and went to hear her. While she spoke, he asked those around him what they thought of her. While she expounded on the Sewer and Plumber’s Guild and their virtues, he hears that she is as good a Magistrate as anyone could expect. Later Valdaran checks the cemetery for the grave of Plodmoor’s brother. He finds it (a locked mausoleum.) He then goes back to the inn for a meal and sleep. Next day, Valdaran arrives at the Mansion as arranged and is met by a servant and Plodmoor himself. He leads Valdaran through a couple rooms and down some stairs, a long flight of stairs. There are glorods in sconces lighting the way down and all around the very large circular room at the bottom. There is just an alter in the center and two other doorways. The alter is crude, cut from the stone the room was cut from. Though the room is clean, the alter has brown and black stains on them, probably from blood and burnt sacrifices, and there is an indent in the center. There are a few areas on the walls that have where it looks like shackles once were attached. The two discuss this place (i.e. not hidden) and that some folk from the city have been nosing about to see whether Plodmoor will be continuing his brother’s practices. They also discuss prices for Valdaran’s services… 5 gold/day plus expenses and Plodmoor insures that he will not be bothered by the city Watch. Valdaran wants to know if this is an ‘official’ position, as from one of the Magistrates and is assured that it will be. He wants to know if he is the only one Plodmoor has hired for this job, and is told that he’s the only one being told about this. Valdaran aggress to work for Plodmoor. The Magistrate shows him the other two rooms, through the doors and down some stairs. One leads to a circular room full of pits, some filled with bones and the others empty… the appear very deep. The other opens up to the sewers! As Valdaran has heard about the monsters, etc in the sewers, he wants to know if there is any special protection. No, the doors are all normal wooden ones. They go back upstairs and Plodmoor gives him 5 gold and a list of names of the folk that seem interested in seeing whether Plodmoor is continuing his brother’s practices. One on the list is Lady Krisuvial Loreweaver, the Archmage of Waterdeep… she had been by 3-4 days past and was the most recent to inquire.



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