Tears of the Raven Queen

Part: 4: The Rescue of Magistrate Plodmoor

or Jonas' Dismay

Valdaran is approached by 2 halflings. They work for the same man he works for and tell him the master is being attacked. They take him back to the mansion and he heads around to the back. He knocks – nothing happens – so he tries the door = unlocked and he enters. Crosses through the scullery and into the main room, where he sees arcane blast marks on several surfaces. He can see light through the door and down the stairs and he follows it. Meanwhile, the group (with the light) reaches the bottom of those stairs. The front-line can see a wight chanting over a body on an altar in the center of the room – the body is Plodmoor. The Halfling is the first to attack, using her sling to hit a ghoul not far from her, but she misses. The rest rush into the room and move to fighting positions. There is another ghoul and the wight casts a spell to raise skeletons a couple times during the ensuing battle (they rise from a pit that teems with old bones.) Valdaran reaches the bottom of the stairs and asks the closest person (Mia) who she is… “Fighting here” and “Focused on shooting!” are the only responses he gets, however. As soon as he realizes it is his employer trussed up on the altar, he joins the others in defeating the ghouls, skeletons and wight. It is a tough battle, but they do save Plodmoor, Valdaran cutting him free. Ay-una goes about cutting off heads and kicking them away from the bodies (which she loots), managing to kick the wight’s head down a pit that seems bottomless. According to Plodmoor, the wight turns out to be his dead brother, Albrecht. He tells us that the other passage from the room leads to the sewers. He tells the group that the people that attacked them had originally come to capture him (there were 5 of them total.) They were in the employ of Albrecht (wight) Plodmoor to abduct his brother. The group’s captive was part of the Plumers Guild. She’d been offered life and work for “them” or death. Even those who chose death ended up working for “them” as undead (zombies, ghouls, etc.) It wasn’t a guild matter. Also, there are probably more wights and undead in the sewers. The missing 5th member of the attacking group was looking for something, but the captive didn’t know what.

[All receive 825 XP plus loot: 100 gold, 50 gold worth of ritual components and The Staff of Ruin (the latter was given to the sorceress)] {killed 8 skeletons, 2 ghouls and a wight}

Mia remembers that when she snuck down the other corridors, she heard someone talking in what might have been an office. The group helps Plodmoor up the stairs and head to the office. Plodmoor looks about and says that it only looks like some books are missing. mia and Jonas find a secret panel, but cannot open it. Ay-una checks it for magic seals and eventually opens it. Inside there is a skull, a Tiefling skull with a strange symbol on it (like the one on the ceiling in the other room) and the words “Uktar Festival of the Moon” on the forehead. Dae’ Onel says he’s heard a rumor about this symbol, that it is used by a secret society know as / or something to do with a “AO”, which Sabine recognizes. “O” created the gods who created mortals (us.) Valdaran has the calling card of the Archmage, the group decides to take the skull to her.



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