Valdaran, the Just

A dragonborn fighter tasked with restoring the old empire of his people.


All this information is on his character sheet. Also, I prefer not to be sued for infringement of copyright, so I elect not to write out every power, word for word, like some others have done. Instead, I shall stand in the back of the courtroom and laugh at your trials.


Valdaran is descended from a noble lineage, but his greatest ancestors are a thousand years in the past along with the ascendancy of the dragonborn people, and few of the old legends persist to this day.

As a consequence of losing a duel, the lord of Valdaran’s enclave sent him on a quest, rather than impose the usual penalty, and Valdaran was sent willy-nilly into the northwest—across an ocean, and the majority of another continent—to reach the great city of Waterdeep.

Valdaran, the Just

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