Jonas of Barnsdale

Half-elf warlord


Sir Robert of Barnsdale was a knight in service to Lord Richard Sherwood. At the advent of a war, Sir Robert accompanied Lord Richard’s forces. When the war ended, while Lord Richard lingered in Suzail (capital of Cormyr) negotiating various agreements, Sir Robert returned home.

Unfortunately, the Dale had been left in the care of Lord Richard’s younger brother, John, who was a corrupt and scheming man. In the Lord Richards’s absence, he had increased taxes and conspired with the local Abbott to imprison a number of the property owners and community leaders known to be loyal to Lord Richard. Sir Robert further discovered that John was plotting the death of the Lord Richard and the Lord’s sons, so that he would inherit the title.

Before Sir Robert could warn Lord Richard, John (with the aid of several cronies, including the High Sheriff and the Abbott) framed Robert for several crimes including, ironically, the plot to assassinate Lord Richard. Knowing that the trial would be a sham, Sir Robert escaped prison and fled to the depths of Cormanthor Forest, where he organized a resistance to John’s regency. Lord Richard took this as evidence that the charges were true, and upon his return to the Dale, signed Sir Robert’s death warrant himself. Sir Robert’s lands were given to one of John’s cronies, and even Sir Robert’s bethrothed, Lady Matilda of Leaford, was married to another.

Sir Robert vowed to clear his name, and tried many times over the years. Despite the death sentence, Sir Robert saved the life of Lord Richard several times. Lord Richard was never assassinated, but he did die while his sons were yet too young to take the throne, so the High Sheriff was regent once more. Each of Lord Richard’s met with tragic accidents before coming of age, and Lord John Sherwood became ruler of the Dale at last.

By this time, many of Sir Robert’s band had died or left the cause. Sir Robert himself had fallen in love with an elven ranger by the name of Clorinda, and in the fullness of time they had a son whom they called Jonas.

Though much of his childhood was spent in the forest surrounded by elves and the few remaining members of his father’s band (one of whom was a dragonborn named Arjahn), he has spent enough time in the villages bordering the forest (including Barnsdale, where his father’s manor once stood) that he is equally comfortable with elves, humans, and halflings. Jonas was trained from childhood by both his parents and their companions. His preferred weapons are the long bow and the short sword.

Sir Robert died just a few months ago. At his father’s death bed, Jonas swore to restore the honor of his father’s name and bring to justice those who framed Sir Robert.

Jonas has left The Dalelands in the company of two friends from the Dalelands: Teae Ravenhead and Mia Greensward.

Jonas of Barnsdale

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